“When I came to Prestige Real Estate Services I didn't know what to do. I was in over my head and heading for foreclosure. Prestige Real Estate Services not only kept me from going into foreclosure but they also helped me to find a buyer. They also educated me into a home that better fits my budget.”
-Tammy N – La Jolla

“Prestige Real Estate Services was not your typical short sale company.  They actually came in and purchased my house, preventing a foreclosure on my credit report.  Prestige was really there when I had no other options.”
-Mark – San Marcos

“The staff at Prestige Real Estate Services is so helpful and professional. They really do know their stuff. They helped me with my situation right away. I truly felt the weight lift right off my shoulders after our first meeting. Thank you Prestige!”
-Chris and JoAnne – San Diego